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[etree]Jimmy Swift Band Live at Mavericks on 2007-08-01 - Jimmy Swift Band
Evacuation Turning Of The Tide Mobilized > Immobilized > When Worlds Collide > Daisy Faceless Ceilidh (Running Through The Tall Grass) Turnaround Now They Will Know We Were Here Pt. I > Now They Will Know We Were Here Pt. II > Two Hands On The Wheel 2012 > The '80s Runway Model call for encore Road Rage
Keywords: jam; rock; electronica; rocktronica
Downloads: 1,190
[etree]wassabi collective Live at Mavericks on 2008-03-15 - wassabi collective
2 To 1 > One Day Underground Downtown Sound > Mama Demographed > What Is Love Gong Show Offer It Up Summer Drummer Tilla Gets To Be Ylang Ylang New 6 > Raid De Barn[1] Dune > Herb Burn Corruption call for encore Door 531
Keywords: dance; funk; reggae
Downloads: 1,876
[etree]Brendan Flynn and the Terrible Liars Live at The Elmdale House Tavern on 2011-01-21 - Brendan Flynn and the Terrible Liars
Ordinary Pills Bleeding Hands In Search Of Certainty banter Two Of Us enter Jonathan Pearce Shades And Colours Someone To Blame exit Jonathan Pearce Thrill Of The Chase Slippin' Through Before The Shame Sets In banter King Of Pop banter Instant Cities banter Day To Day
Keywords: rock; country
Downloads: 78
[etree]Mr. Something Something Live at The Black Sheep Inn on 2007-12-01 - Mr. Something Something
The Antidote Why Why Why Beginner's Luck Sun In Your Eyes The Edge billboard banter The Dis > Di Bombs[1] call for encore The Contender
Keywords: afro-beat; jazz; funk
Downloads: 485
[etree]Grand Theft Bus Live at Barrymore's on 2004-10-06 - Grand Theft Bus
Birth Of Confusion Corbin Bernsen Leader Student Tanktop Silence > Photograph Mannqeuin Annoying And Blue > Room In Your Brain Ol' Guiseppe > Makes Me Free
Keywords: Live concert
Downloads: 3,148 (1 review)
[etree]Mr. Something Something Live at The Silver Dollar Room on 2007-08-11 - Mr. Something Something
The Prize Why Why Why The Dis > The Invitation > The Dis The Antidote Only The Maker Beginner's Luck Power Narcotic Sun In Your Eyes You Are Beautiful call for encore Dibombs[1]
Keywords: afro-beat; jazz
Downloads: 528
[etree]Strangefolk Live at Gathering Of The Vibes, Greig Farm on 2001-06-30 - Strangefolk
Electric Avenue Paint First Time Pawn Rubber Band Rather Go Fishin’ Go To A Show
Keywords: gathering of the vibes
Downloads: 47
[etree]Grand Theft Bus Live at Rivoli on 2012-08-31 - Grand Theft Bus
Optional Collage Room In Your Brain Something Medicinal Somewhere In The Night Automatic No Easy Way How Many Times > Birth Of Confusion > Leader Astronauts Only Me > Goldmine Street Sleeper > OMA call for encore Don't Go Say That > Stretch
Downloads: 101
[etree]Grassroot Deviation Live at Trois Minots on 2007-07-28 - Grassroot Deviation
Hide Me From The Wind Regular People Avenue Road Hammerhead Logic tuning Night Vision Steady Ground fiddle changeover Mr. Somebody banter Are You Ready For The Country[1] Birds Of Prey
Keywords: jam; guitar
Downloads: 956
[etree]The Lost Live at Cafe Dekcuf on 2008-04-25 - The Lost
No Jurisdiction banter Mexico banter Rush-in banter Patient
Keywords: rock; guitar; debut
Downloads: 429
[etree]Jimmy Swift Band Live at Mavericks on 2005-05-06 - Jimmy Swift Band
Daisy Running High > When Worlds Collide Bumps In The Road Turn Around The '80s Runway Model ? Road Rage Now They Will Know We Were Here call for encore/banter Warm And Fuzzy Feeling > Both Hands On The Wheel
Keywords: Live concert
Downloads: 550
[etree]Grand Theft Bus Live at Mavericks on 2007-10-06 - Grand Theft Bus
Do I Have To Dance? > Lake Wallow Pillowcaseinpointofnoreturntosender Only Me > Makes Me Free Automatic > Silence > Fifo > Stretch Nine Bells Smell The Roses Ol' Guiseppe > I Guess Not I Guess banter White Flags Big Ugly Bastard > Leader Something Medicinal OMA > Tanktop Don't Go Say That call for encore Street Sleeper
Keywords: jam; rock
Downloads: 436
[etree]Strangefolk Live at Landmark Theatre on 2002-02-23 - Strangefolk
Gets You Movin’ (cuts in) For The Song Cabin John Criminal Go To A Show
Downloads: 27
[etree]nero Live at Cafe Dekcuf on 2003-03-29 - nero
tune-up/sound-check > Zedonk > The Pumpkin Song Darius Crabwalk Downside Up El Vezz > Basheeba > Centragnome > Third Stone From The Sun[1] Effervescence
Keywords: Live concert
Downloads: 763
[etree]Envelope 3 Live at The Horseshoe Tavern on 2009-06-05 - Envelope 3
Zero Capacity banter Sonic Orchard
Keywords: guitar; synth; loop
Downloads: 101
[etree]Tea Leaf Green Live at The Great Hall on 2010-07-16 - Tea Leaf Green
Slip Away Strange Ode To Nature John Brown Darkened Hall Honey Bee Flippin' The Bird Nothing Changes > 7th Story Living Honestly Arise > Looking West band intros Can't Get High Without A Broom My Bastard Brother Earth And Sky > Let Us Go Las Vegas > Jackson Hole The Devil's Pay Keeping The Faith Resevoir The Garden (Part III) call for encore Bouncin' Betty
Keywords: rock; jam
Downloads: 365
[etree]Burt Neilson Band Live at Mavericks on 2005-12-31 - Burt Neilson Band
Strange Companion > Yellow Pants Number Seven These Days > By The Door Yesterday's Gone > Morning Cold > In The Belly prize giveaways Waiting For The Day Holes Bored Again > jam > L > Mute > Routine Red Open Fields And Skies Speedbump Chevron Distraction call for encore Down With The Sound Funkin' Shoes > Jack Lumber
Keywords: Live concert
Downloads: 1,193
[etree]David Lauzon Live at Swizzles on 2005-12-18 - David Lauzon
intro Autograph Betty's Funeral Aslan's Song banter Fly > Dark Side of The Spoon > Revivication banter Otherworld banter With or Without You[1]
Keywords: Live concert
Downloads: 657
[etree]James McKenty and The Spades Live at The Black Sheep Inn on 2008-02-24 - James McKenty and The Spades
Possibility Of A Breakdown Joints And Cigarettes Thousand Leagues The Next Round Pirate Radio Words[1] Johnny Laundry I Don't Want > 49 Tons Of Diesel Locomotive[2]
Keywords: rock; guitar; alt-country; cow-punk
Downloads: 487
[etree]Cornmeal Live at The Westcott Theatre on 2008-10-09 - Cornmeal
Tuning Hasten Jason Calling Me Back Home > Dirty Black Nag The Way It Oughta Be > Little Maggie Feather Feet On The Ground Could You Be Loved (Bob Marley) When The World's Got You Down
Downloads: 35
[etree]Jon Mckiel Live at Mavericks on 2007-10-20 - Jon Mckiel
War On You Walking With The Dead Land Of Sand[1] banter 123 My Friends cd banter Somebody's Listening Monster Of The Miramichi The Cure banter Fireflies
Keywords: rock
Downloads: 396 (1 review)
[etree]Durians Live at Cafe Dekcuf on 2011-01-22 - Durians
Coral > Dub Evangelist Fluids > The Terraforming Of Mars banter Killing Live Music banter
Keywords: electronica; trombone; theremin
Downloads: 97
[etree]The Done Fors Live at The Rainbow Bistro on 2011-10-19 - The Done Fors
intro Colicky Heart Mercator Map banter Lead Me (Fraser) Crazy Eight Berlin band intros Watertower Under A Covered Sky banter Shot At You
Keywords: canadiana vanguard
Downloads: 37
[etree]Shokazoba Live at L'Escalier on 2012-05-26 - Shokazoba
Love And Death (Ebo Taylor) banter Puppets Mas O Menos (Budos Band) Script Reader banter Mothership On The Mountain Mr. Grammarticalogylisationalism Is the Boss (Fela Kuti) Gentleman (Fela Kuti) banter Conflict Of Interest Hippocrat Victory (Ebo Taylor) Austerity Measures Opinion Shapers banter Rogue State banter Chemical Abuse call for encore Funky Music
Keywords: afrobeat; afrofunk
Downloads: 201 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[etree]nero Live at Babylon on 2003-04-19 - nero
DJ > jam > Downside Up ? 401 Theme Lemondust DJ > Darius > Basheeba > Zedonk Chocolate Monkey Machine > Centragnome call for encore / a gift for BradM The Pumpkin Song Miko Mard
Keywords: Live concert
Downloads: 856
[etree]Burt Neilson Band Live at Mavericks on 2005-07-13 - Burt Neilson Band
birthday banter / check-1-2 In The Belly ? Stop 28 Holes These Days > ? By The Door Happy Birthday, Mike ? applause / banter Loving Cup[1] call for encore Have A Cigar[2] > Jack Lumber
Keywords: Live concert
Downloads: 876
[etree]Mr. Something Something Live at The Rainbow on 2006-01-21 - Mr. Something Something
The Invitation Sound The Alarm The Edge Dibombs[1] The Hyper Beginner's Luck The Prize The Flux Sun In Your Eyes The Power Narcotic The Wanting The Contender
Keywords: Live concert
Downloads: 319
[etree]Stephen Franke Live at El Mocambo on 2004-10-14 - Stephen Franke
unknown #1 unknown #2 unknown #3 Chemistry Set unknown #4 unknown #5 unknown #6
Downloads: 51
[etree]Burt Neilson Band Live at Lee's Palace on 2008-12-27 - Burt Neilson Band
Strange Companion By The Door Chevron Let Down In The Belly banter Silk And Gold > Down With The Sound > Yellow Pants > Yes We Can Can[1] > Yellow Pants banter Martian > Morning Cold > Guns Guns Guns[2] > Morning Cold > Holes banter Full Tilt Down By The Seaside[3] St. Andrews banter Lost And Lonely guitar string change Distraction call for encore Don't Do It[4] Frankenstein[5]
Keywords: rock; jam
Downloads: 681
[etree]Envelope 3 Live at Swizzles on 2009-12-06 - Envelope 3
The Maker (Daniel Lanois) Everlasting Beautiful Night It's An Anthem, Bitch Don't Go Back To Rio This Room Has Written A Poem[1]
Keywords: guitar; synth; loop
Downloads: 52
[etree]Grand Theft Bus Live at Le Swimming on 2003-10-12 - Grand Theft Bus
Plastic Silence Broken String Jam Moontick Street Sleeper The Big Ugly Bastard Student Corbin Bernsen Tanktop Makes Me Free Lake Wallow Strange Meeting
Keywords: Live concert
Downloads: 4,184
[etree]Envelope 3 Live at The Imperial Pub on 2009-08-01 - Envelope 3
That's Nice, But I Can't Sing Along > improv > Zero Capacity banter Bizarre Love Triangle (New Order) They Put Howie In Space? Law & Order Theme Light > Echo The Hills It's An Anthem, Bitch banter Sonic Orchard
Keywords: guitar; synth; loop
Downloads: 148
[etree]Stephen Franke Live at Cafe Dekcuf on 2007-03-31 - Stephen Franke
noodling along with the music over the PA > d1t02 d1t03 Floating In The Oxygen copacetic banter Vanessa Rodriguez d1t07 Half Moon Bay d1t09 Joe Spazz travel adventure banter Cape Verde Blues d2t01 Hey Mesenko, Do You Want A Doughnut? d2t03 Hieronymus Borscht > Wondering Where The Lions Are[1] underwear banter Chemsitry Set thanks banter Bulgovia band intros
Keywords: jam-jazz
Downloads: 788 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(2 reviews)
[etree]David Lauzon Live at The Dominion On Queen on 2007-10-26 - David Lauzon
The Apology Song banter These Days Everlasting Beautiful Night[1] Echo The Hills > Autograph Condor[2] Zero Capacity > Night Turns To Day
Keywords: guitar; acoustics; loops; jam
Downloads: 381
[etree]Grand Theft Bus Live at Mavericks on 2005-11-12 - Grand Theft Bus
Birth of Confusion Corbin Bernsen Student Methuo Plastic Halfway banter Room In Your Brain Wide Awake > Makes Me Free Lake Wallow > Bones Silence Automatic Street Sleeper Don't Go Say That Now It Seems To Die > I Guess Not I Guess banter Leader Annoying And Blue > Insane Man's Mind > OMA Stretch call for encore Boltneck
Keywords: Live concert
Downloads: 2,167 4.50 out of 5 stars4.50 out of 5 stars4.50 out of 5 stars4.50 out of 5 stars4.50 out of 5 stars(3 reviews)
[etree]Garaj Mahal Live at Mavericks on 2008-11-01 - Garaj Mahal
intro Chester The Pester Hotel When The World Is Running Down, You Make The Best Of What's Still Around[1] We Are The Survivors outro intro Never Give Up > Hallowe'en Medley > Never Give Up tuning 'Round Midnight[2] Tachyonous Alison's Pony call for encore Jamie's Jam
Downloads: 830 4.50 out of 5 stars4.50 out of 5 stars4.50 out of 5 stars4.50 out of 5 stars4.50 out of 5 stars(3 reviews)
[etree]Mash Potato Mashers Live at Le Petit Chicago on 2012-05-06 - Mash Potato Mashers
Jumping Beans Serpentine banter Influklezma banter Big ol' Fool Procrastination Blood Klez banter Baby, Baby So Impatient banter Mashers 9 Tchfunkta The Getaway
Keywords: parade; brass
Downloads: 37
[etree]LURE Live at Zaphod Beeblebrox on 2006-08-19 - LURE
Maybe I Did I Don't Know Getting It Shocker Living Rooms banter The Sober Song Only Time Four Memories hot sauce banter[1] Hot Sauce[1] call for encore Bricks
Keywords: rock
Downloads: 439
[etree]Burt Neilson Band Live at Mavericks on 2006-06-30 - Burt Neilson Band
Distraction > Holes > Down With The Sound Canada Day banter Untied In The Belly Full Tilt[1] Stop 28 These Days > By The Door St. Andrew's Wyld Knights call for encore Watching A TV That Only I Can See > Jack Lumber
Keywords: jam; rock
Downloads: 803 4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[etree]Share Live at Cafe Dekcuf on 2008-02-23 - Share
Penmanship banter Subject To Change banter The Hill Too Shy To Blush band name change banter Foreign Church Horse And Rider cd banter Empathy For The Devil banter The Great Before
Keywords: acoustic; pop; folk
Downloads: 286 (1 review)
[etree]What The Thunder Said Live at The Lancaster (Upstairs) on 2007-02-03 - What The Thunder Said
Noise > Monsoon > Uiit (Don't Rush Me) Here Kitty > Tennessee Miles Tidal > Ring Bounce[1]
Keywords: jam; rock
Downloads: 632
[etree]Brendan Flynn and the Terrible Liars Live at Mavericks on 2011-03-10 - Brendan Flynn and the Terrible Liars
Something I'll Remember Shades And Colours Certainty Two Of Us banter Someone To Blame Instant Cities The Sound banter Day To Day
Keywords: rock; country
Downloads: 75
[etree]Burt Neilson Band Live at Babylon on 2003-03-21 - Burt Neilson Band
Torn And Frayed Anabanana > Yellow Pants Lost And Lonely unknown #1 Fresco Lopez unknown #2 Stage Fright (The Band) L > Martian > L > Mute > unknown #3 By The Door unknown #4 > Thunder Bay In The Belly
Keywords: jam
Downloads: 101
[etree]The Pejoratives Live at The Thirsty Toad on 2007-02-17 - The Pejoratives
Elbow Grease Fish 'n' Chips Fish Tail Swing It Straight Steak 'n' Cheese 30 Million Destro made up on the spot no. 1 Frank 'n' Beans Livetronica where's my e-bow ? 35 Highway 22 City New Car Smell ? made up on the spot no. 2 > If You Don't Like This Song, The Terrorists Have Won
Keywords: jam; funk
Downloads: 502
[etree]James McKenty and The Spades Live at The Pour House on 2005-06-25 - James McKenty and The Spades
Everybody Looks Like Zombies ? Pirate Radio Hydroplaning Tampa To Tulsa[1] Northern Skies Parking Meter The Rising Sons Junkmail Harmony Words[2] noodling Joints And Cigarettes Preservatives The Snub Harbor Falcons Stick Shifts And Safety Belts[3] Wired For Sound Misery Loves Company Apple Of My Eye Restless Soul Let Yourself Go[4] Marijuana
Keywords: Live concert
Downloads: 1,442
[etree]Burt Neilson Band Live at Mavericks on 2006-12-31 - Burt Neilson Band
St. Andrews Turn To Ashes > In The Belly banter Bored Again Fresco Lopez > Revolution Blues[1] > Fresco Lopez Martian Glad Tidings[2] Distraction Full Tilt L > Bellboy[3] Standing There Lost And Lonely Holes > No Quarter[4] Strange Companion Palace Moon call for encore Anabanana > Chevron
Keywords: jam; rock; NYE
Downloads: 2,213 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[etree]Mash Potato Mashers Live at Kichesippi Beer Company on 2011-05-05 - Mash Potato Mashers
Blood Klez Serpentine banter Bum Stumble Influklezma banter Baby, Baby banter Huff And Puff banter Goodnight, Irene (Traditional)
Keywords: parade; brass
Downloads: 43
[etree]Mash Potato Mashers Live at Irene's Pub on 2010-11-05 - Mash Potato Mashers
Beans And Rice Serpentine Tcha banter A Tad Thad Bum Stumble O Canto Da Emma banter Influklezma Step Right Up! Blood Klez Fish Tantz(Petr Cancura) Lucky Big Joe Mufferaw (Stompin' Tom Connors) Tchfunkta magic trick Your Own Two Hands (Won't You Come Home) Bill Bailey (Hughie Cannon) > Cissy Strut (The Meters) St. Patty's Present The Getaway Tennessee Waltz (Pee Wee King/Redd Stewart) banter Dance, Dance Pressure Drop (Toots And The Maytals) Preacher Serpentine Ghana P...
Keywords: parade; brass
Downloads: 69
[etree]James McKenty and The Spades Live at The Pour House on 2005-04-09 - James McKenty and The Spades
On My Mind Powerlines unknown Lantern Kites Parking Meter Moth To A Flame Hydroplaning Bring Down Pirate Radio Gorilla Thought Preservatives Joints And Cigarettes Stickshifts And Safety Belts[1] The Business Of Being Friends Wired For Sound Apple Of My Eye Everybody Looks Like Zombies And Not My Friends Misery Loves Company Marijuana The Snub Harbour Falcons Busting Off An Easy One > 49 Tons Of Diesel Locomotive[2] Spider Brigades Causeway Tampa To Tulsa[3] Fire On The Mountain[4] Valentines Wor...
Keywords: alt-country; cow-punk; roots-rock
Downloads: 204
[etree]Grand Theft Bus Live at Zaphod Beeblebrox on 2008-04-10 - Grand Theft Bus
Don't Go Say That Automatic > Do I Have To Dance Roses White Flags Low Private Wars Stretch banter Bones Something Medicinal OMA Leader call for encore I Guess Not I Guess
Keywords: rock
Downloads: 1,047
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